Book Review: Millennium Falcon

The Story Of a Ship

James Luceno’s Millennium Falcon (2008) gives us the backstory of the most popular ship in the Star Wars franchise. In the book the Solos find a mysterious object in their ship. This object prompts them to investigate the history of their ship.

The Devil Is In The Details

I was really excited to read this book. I was excited because I knew it offered me a chance to find out more information about the Millennium Falcon. I read the book and I was only disappointed at how short it felt.


Luceno did a fantastic job at capturing the characters we know and love. Their speech patterns are spot on and he made the new characters of the expanded universe feel real. The story was compelling enough to keep me turning the pages, but I was sorta disappointed at how the book ended.

Not Long Enough

Earlier I mentioned that the book felt short. I’m not saying it is a short book. I am saying it felt short. I think two factors made me feel like this: the story and the ending. The story is a real page-turner. Luceno does a great job of pulling the reader into the universe and you never want the ride to finish. Then ending of the book left me unsatisfied. I wanted the story to have more of a closure than it did. The ending of the book takes us right into the setup for another adventure and it left me wanting more.

Final Thoughts

Yes, read this book. No, you will not be disappointed. Your knowledge of Han Solo’s ship will expand and the Star Wars universe will become even more real than before.

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