Book Review: Leaders Eat Last

Leaders Can Create Loyalty To The Organization

Simon Sinek’s book Leaders Eat Last (2014) teaches how to become a better leader. The book talks about the tribe mentally wired into our subconscious. He explains that if we want to be better leaders we have to look out for someone else’s benefit before our own. If we do this, the other person will find a connection with us and will be more likely to follow us.

Better Employees

The book talks about a circle of safety. This circle of safety is a group of people within any organization who protect each other from outside danger. Sinek encourages leaders to expand this circle to include the entire organization. If the leaders do this, the employee will feel protected and this will create a sense of loyalty to the organization. They will look for the benefit of the company once they know someone in charge is looking out for their interests.


I like Simon Sinek’s ideas on leaderships. I was looking forward to read this book after finishing Start With Why. I wasn’t disappointed after I finished reading this book. There is just so much information to digest. The examples he uses clarify the concepts and makes them easy to remember.

Final Thoughts

If you are interested in leadership, please read this book. I recommend this book for employees as well. They need to know how their bosses should be behaving. If you are a member of any organization—I think the vast majority of us are—do yourself a favor and read this book. It will make you a better leader and you will bring value to your organization.

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