Book Review: Clive Cussler’s Inca Gold

I am fully aware Clive Cussler wrote this book came out a number of years ago. And there are a large number of reviews on it already. I just wanted to share with you what a great book it was.

The book is about Dirk Pitt, finding a treasure once belonging to Sir Francis Drake. I don’t want to give too much away, I really would like you to go out and get the book to read it. The twists in the book are quite entertaining.

When I first read Inca Gold, I found the book during one of my visits to the local library. I was in high school at the time and I remember getting home and not being able to start it because it was a school night. I decided to take it with me to school. After going through the first half of the day and then I got to lunch, ate my lunch and then I headed to the library to read it.

When I started reading it, I liked the tone of the writing right away. Clive Cussler is really the man. The book’s protagonist is the awesome Dirk Pitt. He is a globe-trotting scientist and all-around bad mamma jamma. I love the way Clive Cussler weaves historic elements into his fiction.

Fiction that teaches it’s readers about a subject is my cup of tea. I understand that it’s not for everybody but, I can’t get enough of it. Clive Cussler manages to merge the information in such a way that you don’t feel you’re learning. He steeps the reader into the world and we go along for the entire fun ride.

I researched who Clive Cussler was after reading the book and was surprised to find what an incredible man he is. The man is a treasure hunter! THe book blew me away.

I must have gone through the book in 3 days tops. Once I finished it, I was truly hyped to read another one of his books.

I am a huge fan of Indiana Jones. The book’s tone, rhythm and overall subject matter brought images of the movies to my mind. If you get a chance, pick it up here. (Full disclosure all links on this page are affiliate links). You won’t be disappointed.