Book Review: I.Q.

Book Review: IQ

A New Type Of Detective

Joe Ide’s novel IQ (2016) is about Isaiah Quintabe. He is the local neighborhood detective. He takes on cases and people pay him any way they can. Because of his flexible payment plan and his high case solved rate, his phone never stops ringing. His latest client is a rap star, he wants IQ to find out who is trying to kill him. If Isaiah is not careful, he will become the next target.


The vast numbers of characters in the novel are African American and come from urban neighborhoods. What impressed me the most about the novel are the conversations between the characters. The word choice and the use of slang make these characters come alive.

Perfect Blend

The novel is a detective story. But Ide sprinkled in enough comedy and action to make it an interesting blend. The cliffhangers and the progression of the investigation are placed in the exact right place to make the reader keep going.

Final Thoughts

This is one of the best books I’ve ever read. Please go out and read it, I think it will become one of your favorite books.

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