Book Review: How To Write A Sizzling Synopsis

Step By Step

Bryan Cohen’s How To Write A Sizzling Synopsis (2016) is a step by step guide that teaches authors how to write a back cover description. Cohen takes the reader through the entire process from zero to completion.

Acknowledging The Frustration

One of the things I liked about the book is the honesty with which Cohen wirtes. He mentions the fact that most authors don’t like to write back-of-the book descriptions to their works. I completely identified with this sentiment. When I had to write the synopsis of my first novel, I was really stressed out. I was surprised as to how much tension the task was bringing into my life. I thought I was the only one going through this struggle. After reading about it in Cohen’s book I didn’t feel ashamed about hating to write back-of-the-book descriptions.


I am a processes guy. I like predictability and I prepare for stuff. Randomness stresses me out and I cannot fathom how some writers can write without having some sort of plan as to where their story is going to take them. I loved how this book delineates a simple process for anyone to write a synopsis.

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