Book Review: How To Not Suck At Writing Your First Book

Simple And To The Point

Chandler Bolt’s How To Not Suck At Writing Your First Book (2015) is concise, practical advice for anyone who want to write their first book. The book goes is a step-by-step guide of the whole writing process.

Hand Holding

Bolt knows his audience. He knows the uncertainty a prospective author feels right before he begins to write their first book. He takes the reader by the hand and simplifies the whole process so all fear and second guessing goes away from the reader’s mind. By the time I was done with the book, I knew what I had to to in order to publish a book. I wished I had read his book before beginning my first novel.

Final Thoughts

I recommend this book to anyone who is having second thought about writing their first book. Along with a detailed set of instructions on how to successfully write and publish your first book, you’ll also get a fountain of encouragement needed for anyone to get through their writing project.

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