Book Review: Halo: The Fall Of Reach

Eric Nylund’s The Fall Of Reach (2001) is a the story of the demise of the planet Fall. The novel tells the background story of Master Chief, the protagonist of Halo, the popular video game franchise. The book explores the origins of the titular character and finishes in the moments right before the first game in the series begins.


It might be easy to think that this book is just a throwaway story based on a video game. It isn’t. It really isn’t. The story goes into certain issues of war that the game just doesn’t explore. It also adds an emotional dimension to war that the video game, by its nature, moves away from. The video game is all about the relationship between the artificial intelligence.and Master Chief as he makes his way through the events in the game. This book gives the reader more reason to care about the character.

Final Thoughts

I highly recommend this book if you are a fan of the video game franchise. You’ll understand the world of the video game better and it’ll make the game more enjoyable than before. I particularly enjoyed when the book shed more light on the alien invader’s motivation. Let me know what you think about the book in the comments section below.

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