Book Review: Gunpowder Moon

Lunar Troubles

David Pedreira’s Gunpowder Moon (2018) is a novel about moon politics with a murder mystery layered on top of it. A lunar mining colony experiences the death of a colleague they investigate and soon discover the event was not an accident. They must find out who the murderer is to keep the mining station safe.


The moon used to be a source of fascination to the United States. During the space race it drove us forward as a nation and made us a focused country. And then something happened. The moon lost its allure in the eyes of the country, NASA got its funding cut and the space program suffered as a result. In this novel Pedreira shows the reader a future in which we as a race of beings managed to get to the moon, but not for the reasons we’d like to think. It was mostly to profit from it. It was as if the prestige and awe that going to the once had was gutted in order to acquire wealth. I couldn’t help but think that this might actually be the future of space exploration. Pedreira does a great job of explaining that the moon belongs to all the countries on Earth, if they can reach it.


Pedrereira lays the foundation as the novel unfolds, I never felt I had to get through a bunch of explanatory paragraphs to get to the action. On top of aal the lunar facts, he grows an engrossing murder mystery. I have to admit, I’m not much of a murder mystery fan. Bu this book kept me turning the pages. I needed to know who the murderer was.

Final Thoughts

Please go out and read this book. It’s one of the most original books you’ll ever read. It will also give you a new perspective on going to the moon.

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