Book Review: Getting Into Character

Acting And Writing

Brandilyn Collins’ Getting Into Character (2015) is about what actors know that can help writers. She does an amazing job at distilling Constantin Stanislavsky’s method of acting.

Constantin Stanislavsky

When I read the book I had no idea who Constantin Stanislavsky was. I had to go to wikipedia to look him up. You can click on the link and go read the article if you want. But let me save you some time, the dude could act. His method of preparation for roles is what he is most known for.

Digging Deep

Stanislavsky’s preparation for a role consists on getting to the core of the character is about to play. The actor needs to ask questions about the character and the answers will reveal how the actor could best approach the role. This skill is invaluable for a writer. Writing believable and deep characters is not an easy task. It’s easy as a writer to fall into the trap of focusing on what happens in the story and forget about character development and traits. This book does a fantastic job of explaining a method writers can use to add depth and realism to the characters they create. It forces the writer to get to the core of the character so they can keep their traits consistent throughout the story

Final Thoughts

As I was reading this book I couldn’t wait to apply everything I had learned to my next novel. Collins did a great job of explaining a complex idea in clear terms. Any book that makes me want to write is worth checking out. If you are writing and need help in creating believable characters, this is the book for you.

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