Book Review: Gears Of War: Coalition’s End

Karen Traviss’ Gears Of War: Coalition’s End (2012) is novel set in the world created by the popular Gears Of War video game. The story is about survivors from a worldwide invasion living on an island. The survivors have a number of issues with each other, but they have managed to make a life away from the terror of the rest of the world. There’s a new danger threatening the stability of the lives of the people on the island. With their resources already stretched thin, this might drive them to attack each other.


This book is not what I was expecting. I’ve played the video game and I thought I was just going to get a book version of a first-person shooter, but this is not what I got. I got an in-depth look into the video game characters. Traviss did an excellent job in taking the reader through the events that shaped the characters. This exploration made me take a second look at the characters. Next time I play the game I know I won’t see the playable characters in the same way. I was expecting the story to have plenty of battle scenes, I gotta say, there were not as many as I’d liked, but the ones that took place were great. They captured the essence of the games. I think a lot of the war scenes got sacrificed in order to focus in character development, which makes total sense. My only worry is that the average fans of the series might not like the book.

Final Thoughts

This book is good. It made me think about issues relating to war and it also made me care about the characters. Which is the direct thought patterns you have when you play a video game. I highly recommend this book to any fans of the video games. I think you’ll get more than what you bargained for.

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