Book Review: Forever Odd

Odd Sees Dead People

Dean Koontz’s Forever Odd (2005) follows the main character, Odd Thomas, as he investigates the disappearance of his childhood friend. Odd visits his friend’s house and discovers he has been kidnapped and his stepfather has been killed. Odd has a gift, he can see ghosts. He doesn’t share his gift with everyone because he doesn’t want other people to treat him differently than anyone else. In addition to seeing ghosts Odd has a second gift. He calls it psychic magnetism. All Odd has to do is visualize the person or thing he is looking for and his psychic magnetism will take him to it. He uses his ability to look for his missing friend.


I like The Marvel superhero movies. I think they are entertaining a well put together, however, I don’t like all of them the same. Some are better than others. If you ask 100 people their ranking of the marvel movies I think you might get 100 different rankings. One of my least favorite movies is Ant-Man. I’ve been thinking about why Ant-Man is my least favorite movie and the scope of the film is one of the factors. The entire Ant-Man movie is about one heist. All the other Marvel movies are about saving the world. This movie felt limited for me. This book felt too.

2nd Time

This is the second book in the Odd Thomas series. I felt the scope of this book was too narrow in comparison to the first. There was an upside though, the book was lean and mean.


One of the aspects of the book that impressed me was the use of point of view. Some books jump from character to character when telling a story. This book, like the first book in the series used one character to tell the entire story. This created a highly immersive effect when reading the book. There was no fat in this book. There are times when the main character explains aspects of his life that seem unrelated to the main story, but the end result is the main character becomes real and relatable. Koontz balanced out the information just right.

Final Thoughts

I have mixed feelings about this book. The stuff about this book I didn’t like is overshadowed with the high quality of the writing. The structure of the story is perfect and more than compensates for the aspects I didn’t like about the book. Please go check it out.

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