Book Review: Exodus by Leon Uris

Year of Publication: 1958

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Exodus is a historical novel about the forming of the state of Israel.


I enjoyed the depth Leon Uris gave the characters in the novel. There are a few characters to keep track of but the reward is well worth the effort. I enjoyed the way the author weaved the tales of the characters to give the reader a panoramic view of the forming of the nation of Israel.

Learning Through Fiction

Before reading the novel, I didn’t know much about the forming of the nation of Israel. This prompted me to research more about the topic. If a book makes me want to research more about a particular topic, I count it as a good book.

Right Amount of Romance

The book isn’t a dry retelling of a historical event. There is romance in the book. I don’t like the romance genre I feel like I can’t believe it. The historical aspects in the novel made me want to get through the romance parts.

Time of Publication

Since the book was published a number of years ago, I wanted to know how it was received. I did some research and discovered it was well liked and it became a bestseller for a number of weeks. It also gave support to the newly made state of Israel. Some people criticized the book, they said it was a propaganda piece. I don’t think this is true. I think everyone should do their own research and form their own opinion.

Should You Read It?

Yes. If you like historical novels, then this book should be on your to-do list.

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