Book Review: Editing Fact And Fiction by Leslie Sharpe

Year Of Publication: 1994

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This book explains in great detail the tasks an editor does.

What’s it About?

The book demystifies the job of the editor. It goes into a great amount of detail as to the type of editors and what it is they do.


When I first picked this book to read it, I was expecting for it to be a tough read. I was anticipating for the book to have an enormous amount of dry facts. I was surprised to discover it was an interesting read. The reason I wanted to read the book was to learn more how to edit. One of my goals is to be able to correct and polish everything I write. I really enjoyed the way the details of the book were structured. Even though the book was chock-full of information about the editor’s job, it didn’t feel like a chore to read.


I really enjoyed the section where the book talks about encyclopedia editors. I now have a new and profound sense of respect for the editors whose job it was to check and double check the information in the encyclopedias. There is a chance encyclopedias might not be a highly sought out item since the internet started, but I admire the dedication the editors had to their craft. What blew my mind is the constant fact-checking they have to do since some historical events might unfold as they are working in the encyclopedias.

A Blast From The Past

I know the book is rather old. Some sections made me laugh, not because the information was wrong but because the information was relevant to the time it was publish. The sections on the internet and word processors made me smile. More than one time I felt like I was reading the contents of a time capsule.


Even though this book might seem outdated. But the core value driving the authors to do their job make this book shine. I recommend for everyone to read it. The message in the book goes far beyond just telling the reader about editing. The principles and standards the authors of the book want every editor to espouse are clear. Their passion and dedication to the craft of editing makes this an evergreen book.

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