Book Review: East of West Vol. 4: Who Wants War?

Jonathan Hickman’s East Of West Vol. 3: There Is No Us (2014) is the third compilation of the East Of West comic book series. This section of the series deals with the age-old issue of nurture versus nature. An evil group of world leaders are indoctrinating a child to become a major player in the apocalypse.

Hugging a Cactus

I felt this book in the series dealt with family. The series deals with politics and war. Even though this war is a huge deal affecting the majority of the universe they inhabit, some of the characters choose to ignore it and focus on what they want: family. Yes the large percentage of the pages deals with the moves and countermoves of heads of state and the contrast of one of the characters trying to reunite with his family brings into perspective what family means. I think it’s one heck of an effective way for the reader to empathize with the character.

Final Thoughts

I highly recommend this book. The characters are developing the more I read. They feel real and the world is a fantastic mixture of sci-fi, westerners, magic and end-of-the-world fiction. There is a small amount of gore, but I think it’s tolerable and not a dealbreaker. Since the story has a couple of action sequences, I think they’re allowed some leeway to show some gore. It would be difficult for the reader to become invested in the story otherwise.

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