Book Review: Dark Force Rising

Thrawn Strikes Back

Timothy Zahn’s book Dark Force Rising (1992) expands on the struggle between the New Republic and the leader of the empire remnant. Grand Admiral Thrawn is hell-bent on restoring the empire to its former glory. In order to accomplish his vision, he needs more ships. During the time of the Old Republic a fleet of battleships was built and set on a mission. During the mission the crew of the fleet becomes infected with a virus and it drives them insane. The Katana fleet is never heard from again. A man named Talon Karrde found the fleet and Thrawn is going to find him so he can use the Katana fleet to crush the New Republic.

Luke is Still Learning

When I was reading this book I was intimidated by Thrawn. He was just such a smart leader and Luke is still a newbie in the ways of the force. I thought he was going to defeat the new republic. At some points the book gave off a The Empire Strikes Back vibe. Out of all the Star Wars movies Empire is my least favorite.

Continue The Fight

If you read the first book in this series and you liked it, please read this book. Thrawn is one of my favorite characters in the expanded universe. I promise you, you will not be disappointed.

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