Book Review: Bravo

Greg Rucka’s Bravo (2014) is the sequel to Alpha. In Bravo we find the main characters still reeling from the events of the first book. Jad Bell, the protagonist, must track down the man responsible for the first attack and stop him from carrying out a second attack.


This book introduces two characters. They’re two women who are instrumental to stopping a second attack. I liked the action scenes in the book. They capture the intensity of a SWAT team busting into a building and neutralizing all threats inside. But I don’t think these two women made the story better. I guess I wanted the story to focus on Jad Bell and his family. Rucka did a great job at making me like them by the end of the first book, I kinda wanted to learn more about them.

Final Thoughts

This book is written well, but I liked the first book better. If you’re going to start reading these books, the first one might be the best place to start. 

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