Book Review: Book Launch

Simple And To The Point

Chandler Bolt’s Book Launch (2015) takes a seemingly complicated goal and distills it to its basic components. Bolt takes the reader by the hand and guides them to write, market and self-publish a book in 3 months.

Write First Market Second

I liked this book. It cleared a lot of doubts as far as to what writing and publishing a book entails. One of the major revelations I learned as a recently minted self-published author is that I needed to market my book before it was even out. Bolt tells the reader how to do this in a non-sleazy way. He also takes the time to explain the logic behind every one of his recommendations, it gives the reader the benefit of capitalizing from his accumulated experience.

Final Thoughts

This book gave a new perspective on what to do after I finished writing my book. I recommend this book to anyone who wants to write and publish their own book.

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