Book Review: Bird By Bird

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Anne Lamott’s Bird By Bird (2007) is a book about her life as a writer. Lamott shares with the reader what could happen in their lives if they decide to pursue writing. Lamott gives examples from her own life as she tells the truth about being a writer.


I liked the transparency Lamott showed in this book. The stories she uses to share nuggets of wisdom that run the gamut of emotions; they are sometimes funny and sometimes cringe-worthy. She’s a fantastic writer and I applaud her intent in wanting to warn writers of prospective future difficulties as they pursue a writing career.


After finishing my first novel, I searched for books on writing. Two books kept on popping up everywhere I looked: Stephen King’s On Writing and the second was  Bird By Bird. I finally got my hands on a copy of it and read it. And I gotta say, I liked Stephen King’s better. Please don’t get me wrong, Bird By Bird delivers the emotional punch that Lamott wanted the reader to feel, the thing is I disagreed with some of her viewpoints on living life. I know I’m not a successful writer and I have not accumulated as much experience as she has, but some of what she shred in her book went against my beliefs. That is the only negative thing I have to say about this book.

Final Thoughts

Even though I might disagree with some Lamott’s, this book is filled brimming with useful advice. If you ever wanted to know what a writer’s life is like, this is a good book to start with. 

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