Book Review: Become An Idea Machine

The Brain Muscle

Your brain is a muscle. Claudia Azula Altucher’s Become An Idea Machine (2014) teaches us how to train our brain to come up with ideas. If you follow the steps in the book, not only will you learn how to come up with more ideas, but you will also learn the secret to coming up with great ideas.

The Method Is Simple

The premise of the book is simple. Most of us have a hard time coming up with ideas this is because we don’t have to stress our brains to come up with ideas. All you have to do to train your brain is to come up with ten ideas everyday. That’s it. The book does a fantastic job of prompting you to the ideas you need to write down for the day.

Quantity Over Quality

One of the reasons why we don’t share our ideas is because we don’t they might be any good. I like how this book solves this problem. The book says not to worry about it at the beginning. Write the ten ideas everyday, you can gauge the quality of your output later. Getting your brain to churn out multiple ideas is the main goal at the beginning, quality will come later.

Final Thoughts

I highly recommend this book. The skill you learn in this book can have wide ranging consequences for your life. Just think of it, you’d be the one people would call on whenever they need a new approach to solving a problem. That’s a cool superpower to have. Anyone can learn how to do this, you only need to practice.

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