Book Review: Batman: Bruce Wayne, Fugitive

Greg Rucka’s Batman: Bruce Wayne, Fugitive (2014) is a graphic novel compiled from various comic books. It follows Bruce Wayne as he runs away after being accused of murdering his fiance. In order to prove his innocence he becomes what he needs to: Batman.

The Cool Side

As you might already know there are two sides to Batman. One is Bruce Wayne, a playboy millionaire who exhibits jerkish and sometimes nice behavior. The other side is Batman, the vigilante who patrols Gotham City to keep it safe. Some may argue that Bruce Wayne is the mask, he uses it to hide who he is from his enemies. I tend to agree. I think Bruce Wayne is the anchor keeping Batman in check; it’s the human part connecting him to the rest of humanity. Without Bruce Wayne, Batman would be weird. I like how this graphic novel gets rid of Bruce Wayne and we delve into Batman full-time.

Bat Family

Since this story is Batman almost all the time and Bruce Wayne a little bit of the time, the pace is really fast. I got to see Batman as a detective for a vast portion of the time. Most of the Batman I see is as a man of action and as second fiddle in the Justice League. I also enjoyed to see the interaction between Batman and all the Bat family. It seems like he cares for them but at the same time he pushes them away because he is afraid of losing them. It shows the messed up view of life and love Bruce has.

Final Thoughts

Please go out and read this book. It showed me a new side of a well-known character and made me see how messed up Bruce Wayne in the head. It’s a fascinating sight to behold.

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