Book Review: Angels and Demons

Puzzles, ambigrams and illuminati: what more do you want?

What’s It About?

Angels and Demons is a 2000 fiction novel by written by Dan Brown. The main character is Robert Langdon. The good professor finds himself in the middle of a murder investigation.

The Chase

I might not share the same views on Christianity, but the man knows how to write. He manages to take the reader on a ride of intrigue and surprises. I enjoyed this book. If I had to rate or compare this book and The Da Vinci Code, I would say there are about the same. There was so much buzz around The Da Vinci Code I decided to read this book to compare. Brown uses similar elements in both writings and I think they both make for solid books.


The interactions the characters had in the book felt real. The dialogue was genuine and at some point the voices of the characters were laced with accents. I really can’t explain how this happened, but it did.


I have to admit, I didn’t know what an ambigram was before I read this book. There are some illustrations in this book. I really liked them. There’s something about running into illustrations in novels that makes me like the novel a little bit more. Maybe it’s because I liked books with pictures when I was growing up. Some of my favorite authors use them. (Michael Crichton, Stephen King, Thomas Harris). Some might think including illustrations in their book might be a sign of laziness on the author’s part, I have to disagree. Whenever I find an illustration in a book, I pause and try to describe it and I find myself having a hard time doing it. I think an illustration in a novel adds to the experience of the novel.


I read this book after having read The Da Vinci Code. I wanted to get a better handle on Dan Brown’s writing. If you were offended by The Da Vinci Code, I don’t recommend you read this book. Dan Brown has an opinion on religion and he is not shy about incorporating it into his stories. If you are interested in the way a good thriller is done, you should read this book.

Have you read the book yet? What did you think of it? Let me know in the comment section below.

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