Book Review: American Predator

Maureen Callahan’s American Predator (2019) tells the story of Israel Keyes’ confession and his last days. The book calls Keyes one of the most prolific serial killers in american history, after reading this book I think he might just be.

A Compelling Read

There are certain books that leave a lasting impression after you read them. This book was one of those books for me. The story grabs you from the first pages and it just doesn’t let you go.Callahan pulls the reader by informing the reader of the case that brought Keyes to justice. From there, the trip gets more interesting. Keyes confesses to an almost unbelievable number of murders. Most of the murders he committed were devoid of any trace of evidence. From there we take a trip through Keyes’ life story. This man is evil personified.


American Predator is a nonfiction book but it reads like a fiction book. I think part of the reason is the shock value of Keyes’ interviews. As I read the book, I felt myself fighting alongside the investigators as they work to uncover the truth. I gotta say, I’ve read other nonfiction books before, but this is one of the best ones I’ve ever encountered. I couldn’t flip the pages fast enough, I needed to find out how was it possible for Keyes to operate without being caught.

Final Thoughts

Yes, this book deals with a dark and even gory subject matter. But it’s a great book. I highly recommend this book to anyone who like true crime books and has the stomach to deal with some gore.

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