Book Review: Alphabet Squadron

Alexander Freed’s Alphabet Squadron (2019) is a story of the fallen empire. The rebellion destroyed the second Death Star at the battle of Endor. An imperial pilot, Yrica Quell, struggles to find her way in the new galaxy. She gets recruited to serve the rebellion and gets assigned to start a new squadron, the alphabet squadron. The squadron’s goal is to stop the Shadow wing—an elite fighting group of imperial pilots wreaking havoc in the newly minted republic.

Star Wars Buffet

Star Wars has become a buffet table. This franchise has everything anyone could ever want. It includes toys, board games, video games and last but not least, books. Within the book category, Star Wars is present in a large number of genres. Some of them include horror, and sci-fi. Within the sci-fi genre there are a large number of subcategories. One of them is space fighter pilot. Alphabet Squadron falls under this genre. This is not my favorite genre.

Mixed Feelings

I am not the ideal audience for this book. I’ll be quick to admit it. When Star Wars first came out, it was about the story of the Skywalker family. The original Star Wars was about the force and the Jedi Knights. These were the reasons why I fell in love with Star Wars. The recent movies have moved away from the original lore and are trying to present us a more militaristic galaxy with the force being sprinkled in. This book follows that suit. The force is not mentioned in a significant way. There are only a few mentions of the original characters halfway into the book. With that being said, this wasn’t a bad book.

A Different Type Of Perfect

Even though this book did not touch on my favorite elements about Star Wars, it was still an amazing book. The story architecture is impeccable. The arch Quell goes through is a sight to behold. Freed did a fantastic job of pacing the story, he made want to find out what happens next. And this is me we’re talking about—the guy who doesn’t like these types of books. The characters in the story feel real. Their struggles made them pop out of the book.

Right Presentation

I have to mention the art of the book. The cover is cool, but the interesting touches come into play as soon as you open the book. The illustrations before the first chapter are top notch. They immerse you in the story and I felt as if I was about to see a Star Wars film.

Final Thoughts

Don’t let my lukewarm feelings toward the genre take you away from this great book. I recommend this book to anyone who likes Star Wars but it’s not particularly fond of the Jedi. The way the story is built will pull you right in and won’t let you go until the end.

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