Book Review: Alien 3

Alan Dean Foster’s Alien 3 (2014) is the novelization of the movie by the same name. It follows Ripley after the events of the second movie. Her ship crash lands on a prison planet and guess who else tags along? That’s right! Everyone’s number one reason for watching the Aliens movies: the xenomorph. Ripley along with the other prisoners have to fight and kill the alien or be killed themselves.

Better Than Before

The story in this book moves faster than the other two novels. The xenomorph makes its initial appearance right at the beginning. I think that’s the main reason why the stoy’s pace felt quicker. I didn’t like how the story ended. I felt it was a weird way to end the trilogy, so I decided to do some research on it. provided an explanation to the weird ending. During the filming of the movie, there were some re-writes done. David Fincher was the director and the studio didn’t like the way the movie was going. They stepped in and changed a couple of things and that’s why the ending is the way it ended up. I understand that the studio needs to make money, but I think if they allow the people who write stories to do the movies they way they envisioned them they would have a better movie. If they have a better movie, they can make more money from it.

Final Thoughts

By this time everybody knew what the franchise was about. Everyone wanted the movie to do well, but everyone had a different idea as to how to achieve this goal. I recommend this book to anyone who likes the franchise. The xenomorph is a scary monster and the story delivers the scares. In other words, if you like space horror you have to read this book.

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