Book Review: After The Flood

Bill Cooper’s After The Flood (1995) is the culmination of intensive research into the genealogy of various peoples throughout the world all the way back to Noah and his three sons. Cooper did an amazing amount of research, and it shows. In the book Cooper explains what he did. He researched genealogy records of many different peoples throughout the world. The book also contains accounts of man fighting what must be dinosaurs.

The Why Of It All

Copper sets out to prove in this book the accuracy of the bible. He explains to the reader how he researched many records listing royal lineages and how they align to the lineage listings in the bible from the book of genesis. The result is an interesting exploration to the origin of man. Really fascinating stuff. The book also goes into accounts of dinosaurs being alive and well. Most of the tales fall into two categories: one group gets eaten by a monster or dinosaur and the other group of stories is of how a man killed a dinosaur or monster.

Final Thoughts

This book can be a bit of a difficult read. Cooper explains this at the beginning of the book. Even though the information is interesting and invaluable, the pace of the book is slow. This book feels like a resource more than anything else. You should get this book, but be warned the reading will feel heavy.

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