Book Review: Absolute Carnage

Donny Cates’ Absolute Carnage (2020) Is a story about Carnage. The demented symbiote is back and he wants to kill everyone who has ever worn Venom. He does this in order to awaken a much darker being so it can destroy every living thing.


Venom is the protagonist in this story. But I didn’t quite like how Cates portrayed him. The Venom I know is a bad guy. He’s been the bane of Spider-Man’s existence since I can remember and in this story, Venom is made a pseudo good guy. I might be out of touch with Venom throughout the years, but I liked him more when he was a bad guy. This book turned him into a generic good guy. I think they might have overdone it in order for the reader to like him. What makes the discrepancy of character more jarring is the fact that Spider-Man is another character in this book. I just didn’t like the relationship they have.


This is one of the best graphic novel I’ve ever read in terms of illustrations. The colors are vibrant and the reds, the main color theme in the story, makes Carnage pop out of the book. The illustrations are fantastic. They’re so realistic that when I read the book, I got a sickening feeling. It wasn’t disgust but more of a magnetic discomfort. It was kind of like the book was telling me there’s something wrong with Carnage. Come and find out why he’s so twisted. It was a great sensation.

Final Thoughts

I’m a huge fan of Spider-Man, so I loved the heck out of this book. The story is good, but the illustrations are the real star in this novel. Please do yourself a favor and read this book. I guarantee you’ll like it.

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