Book Review: A Game Of Thrones

I know there’s a small chance that you have already heard of George R. R. Martin’s A Game Of Thrones (1996). But just in case some of you have been living under a rock for the past couple of years, I will give a summation of this book. It’s the story of the trials and tribulations of the Stark family. The story is set in a fictional land called Westeros. The epoch the novel takes place is the medieval times. In other words, soldiers have sword, daggers, bows and arrows. There are kings and queens and everyone else’s life is flippin’ hard. The book opens as the king of Westeros comes to visit the patriarch of the Stark family, Eddard “Ned” Stark. The king makes Ned the “Hand Of The King”. This means that Ned will have to go to the capital of the kingdom to perform his duties.


This book tends to go on the long side, but this is not a bad thing. The result of the length of the book is the depth of the detail Martin gives to the world and the characters. The reader has the opportunity to like every character in the book. The world becomes alive and the sights and sword clashes leap off the page.


Please be prepared to be surprised. The book is the first in the series and because of this, I wasn’t expecting too many plot twists. I was wrong. So very wrong. Consider yourself warned.

Final Thoughts

If you like swords and fantasy filled with intrigue and political betrayal, then this is the book for you. Word of warning, this book is filled with mature issues, so if you’re planning to read this book to the kids, don’t. There’s a high chance you might need to spend some money is psychiatric sessions if you let them read it. But, other than that, this book is a fantastic story.

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