Book Review: 5,000 Words Per Hour

Chris Fox’s 5000 Words Per Hour (2015) is a guide for any writer looking to increase their work output. Fox’s experience takes pushes the reader to improve their words-per-hour output. It’s a simple, practical guide packed with truth and applicable advice.


I judge any sort of how-to book by how I feel about the concepts discussed in the book. If I say to myself after reading the book “this is so simple. How come I haven’t figured it out before?” then the book did its job. Fox’s book achieved this in his book. He tells the reader his experiences and explains how he discovered the disciplined necessary to write 5000 words an hour. What really got me hooked on the book are the stories he told about what happened in his life. I could relate to him more and it made the book more enjoyable.

Final Thoughts

I recommend this book to anyone looking to improve their writing output. The advice is simple and the language is accessible. Fox did a great job at transmitting a powerful, yet simple concept to his readers.

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