Book Review: 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea

The Father Of Science Fiction Takes A Swim

Jules Verne’s 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea (1872) is a novel that was published as a series and then compiled and published as a book. The story follows a marine biologist as he gets invited to a hunting expedition. The object of the hunt is a monster that is destroying ships. Some think it’s a large marine animal and all they have to do is track it down and kill it. The expeditions goes to sea and they encounter the monster, it throws three members of the expedition into the sea. In order to survive they grab hold of the monster’s “scales” until the next day. The monster turns out to be an advanced submarine; the survivors get discovered and are brought into the ship and this is where the story picks up.

Expanding The Mind

I saw the movie first. I’m talking about the movie starring Kirk Douglas. I remember my rented it from the library and brough the VHS tape home. It freaking blew my mind. The effects were magnificent, vintage 1954. No CGI. It was all puppets and Disney movie magic. But I digress. The book kept me hooked the entire time. Verne knew where to place the cliffhangers. The stuff in the sub and the places they visit are testament to Verne’s vivid imagination.

Final Thoughts

Please read this book. I understand it is an old book, but it’s well worth the read. Verne is considered the father of science fiction, don’t deny yourself the benefit of reading a fantastic tale from a man who saw us going to the moon before the airplane was invented.

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